Cargo Services


Mineral SeparationsMineral

SA Shipwrighting is able to perform a variety of Mineral Separations to suit the quality and quantity of the cargo involved. Our methods minimise time and cargo contamination while maximising the vessel’s carrying capacity. We specially design the separation to best suit the properties of that cargo, taking into consideration the loading and discharging method.





Grain SeparationsGrain Seperations

SA Shipwrighting performs grain separations on a regular basis and has different ways of separating cargo to suit the grain involved. We perform these very regularly in all ports on the S.A. coast. They provide a cost effective way of splitting two grades of grain or one parcel that is bound for two destinations. SA Shipwrighting will perform the separations to your requirements or recommend the method that best suits.





Lashing / Securing / StrappingLashing

SA Shipwrighting is able to provide lashing and securing of different types of cargo. We can provide solutions to difficult “project cargoes”. The strapping of bulk grain cargo can also be done, in the event that you have a slack hold of grain that needs to be secured. If you need any break bulk or general cargo secured, this can be provided also.






Cargo Securing Cargo Securing

SA Shipwrighting has qualified shipwrights available to work with cargo officers in planning and supervising cargo securing activities for different types of cargo. SA Shipwrighting has worked closely in the past with AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) on the securing/strapping of grain hold. In the event that contractual tonnage requirements presents a vessel with a stowage plan that requires a slack hatch to be strapped....we have the experience.




Hatch SealingHatch Sealing

According to rules and regulations, metal hatch covers on cargo vessels are expected to be water-tight without the aid of further appliances. In practise hatch joints can leak for a number of reasons with resulting cargo damage. As a safe guard and as an exercise in protecting cargo, many owners, charterers and shippers call on SA Shipwrighting to seal cargo holds.